Christmas Pudding – RASARCO

Christmas Pudding decorating concept

Yield 1 pudding at 4lbs (1920g) sufficient for 16-20 covers


  1.  300g (10 ozs) Fat, 120g (4 oz) Flour, 45g (1 ½ oz) ground almonds

  2. 180g (6 oz) breadcrumbs

  3. 240g (6 oz) sultanas, 240g (8 oz) raisins, 240g (8 oz) currants, 60g (2 oz) chopped peel, 60g (2 oz) Rasarco ginger preserve, 180g (6 oz) brown sugar, 45g (1 1/2) oz) golden syrup

  4. optional – 60g (2 oz) figs, 30g (1 oz) water

  5. 7.5g mixed spice, 2 level tsp salt. Add to your taste, 150g (5 oz) eggs, juices and zest of an orange and lemon.   Rasarco Sweet Almond – 2 ½ tsp, Rasarco Rose – 2 ½ tsp, Rasarco Vanilla-concentrate 2 ½ tsp, Rasarco brandy 3 tsp, 75g (2 ½ oz) old ale, 30g (1 oz) milk


Chop the ingredients of A and blend together. Add the breadcrumbs B and mix. Blend in the ingredients under C and make a bay. Mix together all the ingredients listed under E. If Figs are used, chop and mix with water and bring to the boil. Add this syrup to the other liquids of E. Add the mixed liquids of E and D pouring them into the bay of the dry materials. Stir until a homogenous mix is formed.

Leave the mixture for a day and a half. Take a well-greased Pyrex bowl and fill the mixture to the top. Cut 2 discs of greaseproof paper and cover the dish. Lay a clean cloth over the bowl and tie with a string. Steam for 8hrs. Do not close the fire. Once finished, remove at once, untie the knot of the dish cloth, leave to cool.

Tie again with a clean cloth, leaving the disc intact. Store in a dry cool place.  Steam again for 2 hrs when you want to consume it.These recipes have been made to suit Rasarco Flavours and Colours. Using any other brand of flavours may vary the aroma and the taste